Here is what our clients have said about us.

"Our yearly sales went up 23% after the launch of our new packaging design."
- Julio Gonzalez, CEO of inglés individual
"Working with Houston Design Co. felt so natural. It gave me a sense of weight off my shoulders to know that I was in good hands when I realized their dedication to the process that this line of work requires."
- Yung Turk, Yung Turk Music
"The Heart-to-Bark™ Workshop was incredibly eye opening. I learned so much about my own company, and got to really establish big goals and work towards achieving them with Houston Design Company's recommendations."
- Nathalia Garrigan, CEO of Nathalia Garrigan, LLC.
"I have worked with a number of design agencies over the years and none are as efficient and thoughtful as you are about branding."
- Steve Horenstein, Founder of Horenstein Law Group